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When your law career has taken your life hostage, it's time for a you-turn.

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Make a you-turn so you can thrive in business AND your life.


About Me

Law school is a great place to learn about the mechanics of law, but it pays scant attention to the dynamics of working with people. As my law career progressed, I found I needed more than legal skills. I needed people skills. To succeed, I needed to understand motivations and hidden agendas. I had to uncover what people really want – which is not always what they say they want. Through exploration, I discovered how people’s patterns worked and used this knowledge to successfully navigate complex situations and prosper financially. Now I mentor others to do the same.

34Legal Experience
175/5 Martindale-Hubble AV Rating
6Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission

Why Mentoring?


Gain new perspectives of your patterns and learn how to shift perceptions and experience.


Become conscious of the many choices at hand and make decisions with confidence.


Discover how to develop poise, presence and ease in business and personal relationships.


Reclaim the activities that bring you joy and satisfaction in your day to day life.

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