Hi, I’m Brian!

When I started my career, it didn’t take long to realize that law school hadn’t prepared me for the “nuts and bolts” of practicing law. My first years were spent working with files. Files were easy to understand; the documents spell everything out. Eventually I became a partner and found that I no longer had the luxury of working with files. I had to work with people. I quickly learned that working with people is not as simple as working with files. What they say is not always what they mean. Body language can tell a story at odds with people’s words. Their true desire is usually not the first thing they say they want.

Other lawyers struggled with the same thing. I’d often hear the lament, “I would love my law practice if it weren’t for all the clients.” I didn’t want to be like these guys stuck in a constant state of frustration, anger and even fear about other people’s actions or potential actions. Partners, judges, opposing counsel, and clients all presented challenges. I got curious about the seeming contradictions and hidden messages.



Exploration & Discovery

At that point, I had no idea what I did not know. I jumped in. Read book after book. Psychology. History. Communications. I immersed myself in the DiSC program – lectures, tests, seminars. I studied handwriting analysis and got pretty good at it, too. (That was helpful until email took off!)

All along, I was learning about me. How I formed my beliefs. How to challenge my beliefs. I read Byron Katie’s books and went through what she calls “the work.” Anything I thought might be useful to me, I explored. I played. I did countless experiments to test myself. I watched for any signs that might give me more insight into myself.

I did not limit my learning to field of psychology. I studied and practiced energy work and healing, even became a Reiki master. I noticed people’s energy and attention; how they use it, give it away, and even waste it.

Each step along the way, I picked up useful pieces. Each piece gave me insight into other people and myself.

The Moving Bullseye

Before I knew anything about people, and myself, my practice was simply to take people at their word and try to use my skills as a lawyer to the results they wanted. The only problem was that my clients would move the target and still expect me to hit a bullseye.

Well, there was bull involved but of another kind! This is one of the greatest difficulties with the current practice of law. Lawyers are trying to hit a moving bullseye. Their clients are not happy and they are not happy.

I could no longer just take a fee to get what someone said they wanted. I began to explore what they really wanted. Frequently what they wanted was not worthwhile or attainable. The typical divorce client wanted to inflict as much pain on their spouse as they could; maybe a fair pursuit for other lawyers but not worthwhile for me. Even in my own divorce, I settled the terms on what I needed for me, not on getting even for some slight. I settled for more than I had to in terms of property and money but exactly what I needed for me to be me.

As I advanced professionally and personally, I learned how to hear and see:
• content
• context
• process
By cultivating my understanding of people and their patterns, working with people became easy!

I became the guy in my firm to review and interpret letters, documents, and “people situations.” I’d sit in on meetings and give feedback on those attending. I’d see angles others did not.

Mediations became easy as I could interpret what was being said and find win-win compromises. I’d help clients negotiate better deals. Options became clear positives and negatives were embraced or discarded.

When I served on the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, and later represented other attorneys before the Commission, hidden agendas were no longer hidden.

The bullseye stopped moving!

I’m Here to Serve

I found that mentoring and coaching others to find what they really want, to uncover the patterns that hold them back, was the most exciting thing I could do. (You can learn more about my mentoring method here).

I love it when lawyers and business people discover revelations and take back the reins of their life. So many have settled for so long! They keep repeating the losing patterns of their life. Finding them, revealing them as a bridge to something better, that is what gets me up and energized in the morning!

I invite you to a free 30-minute call to discover how You-Turn Mentoring can change the way you work and live so that you have more freedom, satisfaction, and fun!

My Qualifications


  • University of Detroit Law School, Juris Doctor
  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of General Studies/Philosophy & Classical Studies


  • AV Preeminent Attorney rating (highest available) by Martindale-Hubbell
  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of General Studies/Philosophy & Classical Studies
  • 6 years on Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, including 3 years as Chairperson
  • Fellow, Michigan State Bar Foundation
  • Arbitrator of the Year, Better Business Bureau

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