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You can stop being a victim to circumstances and take control of your life!

With over 30 years of experience as an attorney and businessman, our head mentor, Brian D. Vincent, teaches lawyers and business professionals like you how to reclaim their personal power. The results are extraordinary. Clients who participate in You-Turn mentoring gain:

    • Understanding of key people in their lives as they learn how to build rapport better and faster.
    • Powers of persuasion by understanding what makes others “tick” and not taking their words and actions personally.
    • Ease in talking about money. Asking for raises. Getting deadbeats to pay up.

Mentees learn how to get what they’re worth and what they’re owed.

  • More effective presentations skills – in the courtroom, the board room, and any place deals get done.
  • New attention skills that shine light on patterns of behavior – their own and others’ – and how to change the patterns for better outcomes.
  • Clarity concerning their business, relationships, and desires in life.

When you work with us, you’ll be surprised by how much you learn about yourself. When you’re stuck, we’ll gently nudge you along. You’ll see blind spots you never knew existed. Your assumptions will be challenged. And, you’ll find yourself laughing along the way! We believe that we are all here to enjoy life and we use a light touch in mentoring to help you play more, even at work.

Most lawyers and business people come to us as “victims.” This role is something people adopt slowly over time. As soon as you awake to the power that rests in your hands, your life changes and becomes yours again.

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