You-Turns that Set Business Executives Free

If the bottom line controls your life, you can reclaim your freedom and personal power to live the life you choose.

Do these scenes sound familiar to you:

  1. You have a problem that keeps you awake at night.
  2. You’re in continual conflict with a partner, client, employee, or significant other.
  3. You don’t have enough time to do the things you want to do.
  4. There is no one you feel you can go to for trusted advice.
  5. You now hate the business you once loved.

These are signs that the bottom line controls your life!

Too frequently, even successful business professionals become captive to these situations. However, there’s a path to freedom. A new way of working and living that allows you to be in control. And have fun, too!

What Mentoring Looks Like for Business Executives

The mentoring path varies from client to client, however, there are a few things you can count on when you participate in You-Turn Mentoring.

First, sessions are customized to what is going on in your life now:

  • Challenges you face with employees, clients, and suppliers.
  • Frustration of hating a business you once loved.
  • Struggles with schedules that don’t leave enough time for you and those who are most important to you.

Second, the way you experience life and relationships will change in ways big and small. You’ll seize your personal power to live as you choose to live.

Mentoring Success Stories

Here are a few client stories to show you the kinds of transformations that happen with business professionals who participate in You-Turn Mentoring
(Names with asterisks (*) changed to protect confidentiality.)

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Mike Hughes had created his Doorganics food delivery business from the ground up. He loved what he did. The thing that drove him crazy was when people in his business started to have problems. Employee-employee issues. Employee-customer issues. Employee-vendor issues. Conflict made him uncomfortable and he was losing the love for his business. He turned to Brian to help solve these “people problems.”

Gradually, Mike began to see patterns exhibited by the people he worked with and how patterns resulted in the same issues, over and over. How his patterns contributed to the problem, too. You see, he was hesitant to intervene.

When Mike learned that people were simply acting the way they acted, and that was not a reflection on him, he started to regain the joy he felt when he first started the business. Through his conversations with Brian, he learned that early intervention was the way to go. He claimed his role as the business owner. He realized that he had to be the protector of the people who work for him. Once he did this, he became much more effective as a manager and leader.

Mike no longer complains about “people problems” and now loves going to work each day.
Tom* owned an insurance sales company and was mad at his staff of three – all the time. They never performed up to his expectations. He felt we was being gypped. He was frustrated with the rate of turnover and constantly hiring replacements. He couldn't even think about his business without getting angry. His biggest problem was “his staff.”

After working with Brian, he began to see the pattern of passive-active. Tom began to understand that he ran a very active pattern. He also began to notice that all the staff he had hired run a very passive pattern.

Once Tom decoded this one pattern, he began to understand that the people who worked for him needed additional instruction and detail. He could no longer manage his business by telling them to "get it done." He detailed his training, and received much better results from his staff. He also began to search for and hire staff who ran more active. Tom also found he could delegate to individuals who took responsibility and ran active.

Tom’s greatest reward was living free of anger. There is no need to be angry about the people, as he had hired them. He reduced his anger, hired better staff, and moved forward feeling much better about his business, his employees, and himself.
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Pete Brand formed his business, Mindscape, with a single partner, from the ground up. Over the years, they achieved great success in digital marketing, and to grow the business further they merged with a company owned by two other individuals. In theory, there would be synergy together. In reality, it was a poor match as the new partners proved problematic.

Pete ignored the problem for five years and finally realized he had to investigate why the business was spiraling downward before he lost everything he spent years building up.

The deeper Pete dug, the more he saw that the two merger partners were draining the business of energy and money. Pete and his partner were floating the whole thing. He decided that they had to separate from these two partners.

Pete turned to Brian to work out a separation of the partnerships. As soon as the two merger partners were separated from the business, the health of the bottom line improved. Many people had gossiped that Pete and his partner would not survive without the other two. Contrary to those opinions, they survived long after the other two and their business were gone!

Through this period of work together, Pete and Brian found that Pete was a manager of crises. He managed everything in an emergency mode, continually riding an emotional roller-coaster. This made it very difficult for him to perform day in and day out, as one crisis after another played out.

By learning how to recognize his own patterns of behavior, Pete completely transformed his leadership style and abilities. He began to better translate his vision to his people. Formerly, he took everything personally. Now, he takes almost nothing personally. He meets the challenges, takes his time, communicates with his people. He and his partner have sustained steady growth for the last two years. Although there are setbacks, he meets them head-on.

Pete has found a new ease in his management style. One key benefit of his work with Brian is that his business runs more smoothly. Another benefit is that he has now carved out substantial time for himself and his family. He has time to do the things he loves.

No more crises for Pete now! Just flow, business growth, and time away from the business without worry!
Jason Johnson was busy all the time. He would work 12 to 16 hour days. He was involved in all kinds of projects involving all kinds of start-up businesses. The problem was that as these businesses evolved, he received nothing from them. He was working with individuals who gave promises but wouldn’t follow through on them. He had heartache after heartache.

Simply put, Jason was working himself into an early grave, and had very little to show for it. In addition, this put substantial strain on his marriage.

Once Jason began mentoring with Brian he committed to much smaller number of jobs. He began to bring home money. He learned to say “no” to business propositions with no payoff for him. He learned clarity in his business relationships. Although they’re still working on that, Jason has a better understanding that profitable business relationships begin with an agreement reduced to a contract. Plus, his marriage is substantially better than it was. He and his wife have taken a number of trips, and have others planned. They have a life together.

These days, life is much better for Jason and he has something to show for all his efforts!

It’s Your Turn

Reclaim your freedom and personal power. When you invest in You-Turn Mentoring, you’ll change life, your business and your relationships. You’ll find more ease with yourself, as well as those you live and work with. You’ll discover ways to increase your productivity while decreasing stress. Focus, clarity, and confidence will pave the way to the life you really want.

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